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2011年7月24日 星期日

BETTY'S Kitchen

Bettys Kitchen is Alan Yau's newly and first opened restaurant in Hong Kong.

BETTYS KITCHEN is a restaurant that not only provide great environment and great food to customer but also warm attentive care.
No matter how busy the waiters and waitresses are, they will run to you straight away and will never pretended that they couldn't see you when you rise up your hand, I personally think this is a very important issue, I admire their great service. 

Bettys Kitchen gave me a fancy and healthy first impression, there are fruits and vegetables on both side at the front entrance welcoming customers, a waiter walked me down to the table, on the way I saw huge celling to floor window with sexy night view behind, I set down on a comfy sofa and i see many little lights hanging down from celling just like shinning stars. People chatting and eating, waiters serving and walking, it is busy and lively, I feel relax and hungry.

INTERIOR     : ****
SERVICE         : *****
FOOD           : ***
LOCATION      : *****


Shop 2075, Podium Level Two,
ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
T/ +2979 2100